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CLOSER TIES is an online social game for 4 or more players that redefines real and virtual space in the context of the COVID-19. You play it from home on your computer, with friends who can be anywhere in the world.

To play: 

Read through the game pack slideshow below OR download the itch.io game pack PDF (at the very bottom of the screen!!!) to find out how to run your own game! You can then play using a browser + keyboard, or even a VR headset!


(Press the four cornered square icon to go fullscreen to read the details of the slides!)


ACTIVITIES:     Players will choose an avatar, join a browser / VR ready chatroom in Mozilla Hubs, and then play within a snapshot of a real world urban location.

INSIGHT:     This game asks players what their connection is to the real world in our current times where access to physical space is being restricted.

GM-LED:     Anyone who wants to play can read this game pack, but only ONE of your gaming group (2 at most) will be the GAME MASTER (GM) who will run the experience! 

SAFE ONLINE PLAY:     Remember, this game is all about connection and fun. PLEASE READ the resource section on Safe Spaces in the game pack!






created by BAGEL+BALLOON    www.bagelandballoon.org

In partnership with European Urban Game Design School Trust in Play program, Edgeryders and the Goethe Institut Athens

Funded by Creative Europe


Thank you to our playtesters:

Matteo, Sierra, Taylor, Susannah, Bio Games, Rogue Opera, Jared, Rachel


Install instructions

GM / player / interested party can download the PDF file and open in browser, Acrobat Reader, or similar program


CLOSER TIES - Game Pack v1.0.pdf 1 MB

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